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Cairns Sportfishing updates

Hi there folks, The last month has produced some great weather and fishing! The mackerel season has been red hot and have been plentiful most days. Private game boat "Maitai" had weighed in a monster last week that topped the scales at 49kg!! They weighed it the following day on certified scales to claim a world record, but unfortunately the spanish mackerel lost weight overnight and was [...]

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Light Tackle Gamefishing update

The North Queensland light tackle gamefishing season has been excellent. Each year before the Cairns heavy tackle season, we warm up with the thrill of catching the juvenile black marlin in the cooler months (July) through to September. These fish can put up an amazing fight and are very aerobatic on ultra light tackle! There are also a number of other pelagic species to catch- in [...]

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Win The Ultimate Marlin Adventure!

Their getting close! Win the ultimate marlin adventure with "Big Game Dive Fish Film". 12 trips to be won, 4 lucky winners per trip! Great Northern Brewery and Big Game are running Great Northern light tackle fishing trips for lucky anglers. Marlin fishing trips will be held every week from the first week in August onwards. Keep your eye out, theres over 180 selected venues in Queensland where you can be [...]

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Juvenile black marlin are here, & spanish mackerel are firing!

There has been a number of juvenile black marlin getting around recently off Cairns. Unfortunately we are undertaking minor refit and haven’t had the chance to get out on this last week of great weather. Juvenile Black marlin are great for light tackle sportsfishing and are found in the cooler months from July to September. These early indications are looking good for what hopefully should [...]

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Whale Sharks!

Whale Sharks Cairns Coral Sea adventures with Big Game offer you the opportunity of a lifetime to swim with Whale Sharks - the largest fish in the ocean. These gentle giants are friendly beasts that can grow up to 18 metres in length. Whale Sharks are plankton feeders and the warm waters in the Coral Sea support the growth of plankton. They use their wide [...]

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