Shark Cage Diving Great Barrier Reef with Big Game: Dive Fish Film | Shark Diving Great Barrier Reefshark diving great barrier reef

We had another great experience shark cage diving on the Great Barrier Reef with many large Tiger Sharks (Galeocerdo curvier). These apex predators congregate at certain areas on the Great Barrier Reef and are truly remarkable to see!

Big Game offer guests an opportunity to encounter these predators up close and personal in a surface shark cage- no experience necessary and open to all ages.

For the photographer this experience gives you truly unobtainable photo opportunities. We also welcome scientists, journalists and moviemakers to experience Shark Diving on the Great Barrier Reef!

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cage diving shark diving great barrier reef

shark diving great barrier reef shark cage diving

shark diving great barrier reef shark diving

shark cage diving

Between the big tiger sharks, we also had white-tip reef sharks, black-tip reef sharks, lemon sharks and tawny nurse sharks – the ultimate in shark cage diving!